Art Glass Fusion

Sushi Sets

The sushi set make a wonderful gift for the sushi lover in your life. They consist of 7 items total. (1) 10"X6" tray, (2) 5"X3" trays, (2)  1"X3" chopstick rests and 2 sets of chopsticks.

Home Décor

Large Bowls

I love all the bowls I make, but I have to admit the round wavy bowls are my favorite. What I love most about the wavy bowls are they look similar to blown glass....which is so cool.

They are approximately 9" at the widest point and approx. 3" in height. My other large bowls range from  approximately 9" to 10” in diameter.

Incense Holders

These beautiful incense holders are aprox. 11" X 2 1/4 " and will help make your home smell great.

Cheese Trays

These fun and functional cheese trays...or cookie trays ...or fruit trays...(you get the idea) are approx. 10" X 6" and make a wonderful gift to bring to a party loaded with goodies and left ,with thanks, for your host.

7" X 7" Textured Dishes

All of my 7" X 7" dishes are textured. Some have a deep basket weave texture and some have a shallow ridged texture some have a herringbone pattern and some have an almost dimpled texture that looks amazing when the light shines through it onto a table top.

Spoon Rests

These spoon rests are one of my most popular items, and for good reason... not only are they functional, (a necessity for any kitchen if you ask me) but they are unique and lovely. They are aprox. 9" X 2 3/4"

Medium and Small Bowls

The medium bowls are approximately 6" to 8" in diameter and the small bowls are approximatley 5" in diameter. They are both  a recent addition and I hope to add more as I explore some new ideas with them.