5" X 5"   Shallow Dishes

Home Décor

Soap Dishes

Deep Dishes

4" X 4" Shallow Dishes

These cute dishes are approximately 5"X5" and 2" deep

I currently offer a number of home décor items....so many that I needed to split them up into two pages.

Rectangular Dishes

 5"X4"  and  9"X5"

The 2 smaller dishes nest inside the larger one and are often sold as a set

Art Glass Fusion

5X5 Carved Dishes

These dishes are new this year....so new I only have one of them made so far. What makes these dishes different is they are first fused on a textured mold which causes the glass to pick up all the details giving a "carved " look to the glass. After the first firing the glass is cleaned, inspected and shaped if necessary. After that it's back into the kiln and  gentle slump using the same molds I use for the shallow dishes.